Culture/Events: The Doll Festival

March third, the third day of the third month, celebrates the ‘Hina Matsuri‘ commonly know in English as ‘the Doll Festival’.

How would you explain the Doll Festival to an international visitor to Japan? Here are some points to think about:

  1. History and background
  2. Why March 3rd?
  3. What is done to celebrate the day?
  4. Timing to display and put away the dolls
  5. Types of dolls and any regional differences
  6. Special things to do on that day
  7. Special things to eat on that day
  8. Where to see displays of dolls in major cities and in the area where you live
  9. Any specially unique doll festivals or displays that are worth travelling to
  10. Where to buy dolls if a visitor wants to get some as souvenirs

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